About us

In 2018 Steve joined Sue in running the cattery full-time. we have both completed an advanced cat and dog first aid training course.

We have also won awards from Lux Pet Product & Services as the Best Luxury Boarding Service in Leicestershire - 2019 and Best Luxury Pet Boarding Service in East Midlands - 2018.

Sue had spent a career of almost 40 years as a PA, and decided that a change of direction was needed for her health and well-being and that of her family.

As a cat-owner and cat-lover, we appreciated how important it is to know that your beloved pet is healthy and happy in a clean, safe environment when you go on holiday. We undertook some research into the cat-care industry and were astounded by the variation in the standard of accommodation in catteries that we discovered. We have now set up Purr’s Inn Cattery, a brand new luxury feline hotel situated in the heart of Great Glen in Leicestershire. The purpose-built suites were constructed by Pedigree Pens, a leading supplier of top class feline accommodation. Each suite is named after locations dear to, and features drawings by, members of Sue's family.

Our clientele is growing, our feline guests have so far included Ragdolls, Maine Coon, Birman, Exotic Persian, Siamese, Bengal, Somali, Russian Blue, Longhairs and Shorthairs, as well as less exotic but no less cherished Tabbies. On arrival, new guests’ owners are asked to complete a short registration form which tells us about the guest. In this way we can cater for all personalities and different foibles, as well as specific health needs!

Music which has been specially produced for cats is played and we believe that this has a calming and beneficial effect on our feline clientele. The suites are also pre-sprayed (with the human owner’s permission) with feline pheromone: this has also been shown to be naturally calming for the new arrivals. Sue posts daily pictures of their guests on Facebook, WhatsApp or email so that the owners can keep in touch and enjoy their holiday, confident in the knowledge that their pets are safe and content in a clean, comfortable and caring environment.

Many of our guests have returned for further stays and some have already made their next booking for one of the peak times of the year during the summer holidays, a sure sign that I am providing a top-quality service at Purr’s Inn that our guests and owners value and appreciate. One happy feline, Joe, will be arriving in July for another extended holiday. Owners Dave and Aileen wrote: “Left our Joe in Purr’s Inn Cattery and I’m pleased to say he had a great time. He was off his food for the first day and Sue persevered with different foods until he was feeding again. Wonderful care. We were kept up to date with regular photos...”

I feel that it is not just the cats who have benefitted from our Cattery; I feel that I now have lower stress levels and improved health too. The name of the Cattery is well chosen, for research suggests that the sound of a cat purring is not only a sign of contentment in the cat but is also therapeutic for people, and in particular can have a healing effect on human bones and muscle. Looking after my feline guests every day is a better way to spend my life than working eight hours per day at a desk!

After a successful Open Day in March 2017 which raised over £50.00 for LOROS, Steve and Sue opened their doors in April 2017. We now has a satisfying and fulfilling career which also gives us the flexibility to spend more time with each other, their children and grandchildren.

It all sounds purr-fect!