Reviews in 2017/2018

Lindsey Brown recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
3 July at 21:18

Dora the explorer had a great stay, her first time in a cattery & the owners really care about all the cats , we will always book Dora in at Purrs if they have space as its a very popular cattery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Katharine Razak recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
3 July
This was the first time using Purrs Inn following a recent holiday abroad. Our cat Nutmeg seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself from the daily photo updates we received! She also came home really happy and calm. Lovely surroundings and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this Cattery!

Ruth Hughes recommends Purr's Inn Cattery
30 April 2019
It was the first time we had left our 4 cats in any cattery. Sue and Steve made the whole experience so straight forward for us. How lovely to be able to go away feeling relaxed that our cats’ needs were being taken of and that they were given lots of fuss too. The daily photos were an added reassurance. Thank you so much.

Joanna Crozier Griffin recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
27 April 2019
Genuinely caring people, immaculate and luxurious accommodation for the cats and treats to
Michelle Hopper recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
24 March 2019
This was the first time our cats Sophia and Teddy had stayed at a Cattery. Both Sue and Steve were very friendly and accommodating and both Sophia and Teddy enjoyed their stay so much we couldn’t get them back in their cat carrier to go back home! We loved the photos too. We would definitely recommend the cattery and hope to be able to book again in the future. Thank you so much.

Natasha Hings recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
9 March 2019
This was our cat, Arthur’s first time staying at Purr’s Inn Cattery. Sue and Steve run a lovely cattery, and are very thorough with everything they do.

Purr’s Inn Cattery were really accommodating - they made sure to buy in the kitten food that we buy, and they allowed us to drop-off Arthur slightly earlier than usual so that we didn’t miss our train at the start of our trip.

The suites themselves are lovely - very spacious and clean. Sue and Steve were happy to show us around and explain everything to us before we made our booking for Arthur, and we were very pleased with the amount of detail that goes into everything.

When we encountered problems with rail services coming home, Sue and Steve were happy for my Nanna who lives locally to the cattery, to collect Arthur. Steve even gave my Nanna a lift home - thank you for making sure they got back safely!

Purr’s Inn posted daily photos of Arthur onto Facebook (I’ve attached two of these to my review). I felt reassured that he was in the best care and happy the whole time that we were away, as Arthur can sometimes be nervous in new environments. Sue was happy to get back to me when I asked how Arthur was getting on.

Sue and Steve went above and beyond to ensure that both ourselves and Arthur felt at ease - even when things went slightly pear-shaped at the end of our trip, and I am so thankful. I will definitely recommend Purr’s Inn to others, and use them again in future.

Alenzo recommends Purr's Inn CatteryMarch 2019We can’t recommend Purrs Inn Cattery (i.e. Sue and Steve) highly enough.  It was Rosso’s first time with them and to say I was worried, was an understatement! However, I needn’t have been.  Sue kept us up to date every day with photos of Rosso and we could see he was well looked after and happy. He had plenty of cuddles, attention and food. In fact I think he had a better holiday then us!  We are so pleased with how well he was looked after, he is booked in this five star accommodation again for later this year.  Sue and Steve, thank you for taking such great care of him

Lee Bones Stanley recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
8 April 2019
Steve and Sue are the only people I trust Tigger with.  He always looked after as if he was their own.  To have a photo every day you are away is very reassuring.   The cattery is always clean and packed full of goodies for the visitors.

Julie Liney recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
1 December 2018 ·  
It was Norris's first time at purrs inn. What a lovely cattery and caring people would definitely recommend.

Phil Lacey recommends Purr's Inn Cattery
8 November 2018
Sue and Steve do an amazing job at Purr’s Inn. Our cats Annie and Ella, had such a great time that they didn’t actually want to come home. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Sue and Steve they accommodated everything we asked and have great facilities. Highly recommended, Annie and Ella are already booked in for Christmas and next years holiday.

Charmain Sanders recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
20 October 2018 ·  
It was murphy’s first time at the Cattery and we picked him up today and we knew he had a lovely time. Sue did a fantastic job , kept us up to date with pictures and messages. Would definitely recommend and will be using next holiday. Thanks charmain, mark and of course Murphy.

Matt Tester reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
5 August 2018 ·  
Lexi has just come back from enjoying her week stay at Purr's Inn. The place is wonderful and Sue and Steve did a fantastic job of pampering her and even helping her find some different food she likes. The daily photos are fantastic, it was great to see what she was up to. Highly recommended, would definitely take her back again.

Farhan Narma recommends Purr's Inn Cattery.
30 August 2018 ·  
A big massive thankyou to Purr's Inn Cattery for looking after Misty while we were away for 4 weeks. She was spoilt and we always got daily updates. Thankyou so much Sue & Steve. highly recommended!

Jakki Phillips reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
16 June 2018 ·  
We left Douglas here for the first time and he’s obviously been spoilt enormously. The daily photos are great. It’s lovely to get this daily snapshot. I can’t thank Sue and Steve enough.

Victoria Gray reviewed purr's Inn Cattery - 5 star
19 April 2018
The perfect cattery.  My adorable ragdoll Teddy loves staying here.  I fell at ease and happy to leave him in such wonderful hands.

Alex Gutteridge reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery - 5 star
19 April 2018
Maisie obviously had a lovely time at Purr's Inn Cattery.  As a rescue cat who we have only had for three months, we were a little concerned as to how she would cope but Sue is so kind and nurturing, Maisie settle very well which gave us great peace of mind.

Jenny Pratt reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery - 5 star
March 2018
Our cats enjoyed another great stay at Purr's Inn Cattery.  Thank you to Sue and Steve for taking good care of them especially our diabetic cat Meggie.  They're looking forward to their next visit in the summer!

Katie Hill reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery - 5 star
31 March 2018
I left my cat Maisie here for a week long stay and I think she enjoyed her holiday as much as me!  She has come home happy and relaxed and I really appreciated the daily photo updates on how she was doing.  Thank you for taking such good care of her.  I would highly recommend Purr's Inn Cattery and Maisie will definately be returning in the future!

Philippa Clare reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery - 5 star
30 March 2018
A big thank you to Purr's Inn Cattery for looking after Mischa so well during her second stay.  It's wonderful to be able to go on holiday with no concerns at all about the level of care.  Highly recommended.

Lesley Montgomeery reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery - 5 star
15 February 2018
We left our young cat Rufus here for a few days, he was very well looked after and came home a happy and contended cat.  Thank you so much for your wonderful care and for the reassuring photos so we could check on him whilst away.

Carolanne Squance reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
5 December at 18:42 ·2017

Dave Page reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
19 October ·2017
Left our Joe in Purrs cattery and I'm pleased to say he had a great time. He was off his food for the first day and Sue persevered with different foods until he was feeding again. Wonderful care. We were kept up to date with regular photos via WhatsApp. Sue is attentive and the pens are engaging and clean. Would happily book Joe in for his next "holiday" there. Thanks again Sue

Graham Lee reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
3 September 2017
Elvis stayed for a week whilst we were away on holiday and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Purrs inn. Daily update photos on Facebook were great, the place is very clean and tidy and would definitely use again. Thank you

Deb Oldham reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
4 August  2017
Our puss Bella stayed at Purrs Inn for 11 days whilst we were away. I hate leaving her but soon felt at ease once I'd met Sue and her husband and seen the wonderful facilities. The cats are truly treated like kings and queens and given plenty of attention. I felt reassured knowing that I was going to receive regular updates on how Bella was getting on via Facebook. I would definitely recommend Purrs Inn. Bella came home looking happy and healthy. Thanks again.

Sam Wood reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
5 August 2017
We left our cat Milly here for almost 3 weeks whilst on holiday and we couldn't have been happier with the cattery. Sue and her husband were most welcoming and really gave Milly all the attention and fuss she liked! It also helped having daily Facebook updates for peace of mind whilst we were away. Lovely spacious suites and very clean too. Thank you so much both of you.
Livvy, Rod and Sam.

Helen Atkinson reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
30 July 2017

Jenny Pratt reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
29 July 2017
Our cats stayed for 2 weeks and were very content and happy- so much so they didn't seem to want to come home! They received excellent care and the daily photos were lovely to see - thank you purrs inn!

Zoe Eastwell reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
23 July ·2017
Tallulah is back from her two week stay at Purr's Inn and is looking very sleek and happy. We had some wonderful daily photos of her playing and up the cat tree, as well as updates from Sue. It's obviously not the same as being at home, but as close as it possibly could have been. I'm sure she'll be back.

Elle Lou reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
7 July 2017
Superb, new, clean, accommodation for your beloved cats.
My kitten has been very well looked after for the week I have been away and returned happy and healthy from his stay. The owners, Sue and Steve genuinely care for the cats and interact with them, giving them lots of attention as well as seeing to their daily needs.
I received regular updates via Facebook so I could see how he was doing.
I will definitely be booking him back in again
Thank You.

Joanne Leewood reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
9 July at 10:29 2017
My baby Miles is just back from a 3 day holiday at Purr's inn. He's had a fab time & come home really happy. Thank you Sue, he's obviously enjoyed himself xxx
Julie Shuttlewood reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
26 June at 13:24 2017
Rosie just come back from two week stay, owners sue and steve posted regular pictures to keep us updated daily, she loved her grooming, cuddle sessions and music time, can not wait to go back. she is now home very relaxed and looking forward to her next visit. love rosie and julie

Lisa-Marie Fernandez reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star
17 June at 13:43 2017
Our 4 month old kitten Tiger Lily stayed here for a week and had a wonderful time. They provided regular Facebook updates so we could see that she was getting lots of play time and attention. The cat pen was very spacious with lots of places for her to climb and explore, and it was very clean too.

I would definitely recommend the Purrs Inn cattery and Tiger Lily will be going there again for her next holiday!

Claire Stanley reviewed Purr's Inn Cattery – 5 star

3 June 2017
We have been to visit this morning looking for somewhere lovely for our little man to stay while we are off on our travels. This is the most amazing cat hotel I have ever seen and lovely people who run it. Our baby is going to have a ball. So glad Steve and Sue could accommodate.

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